With us, creative people can put their ideas into practice in an uncomplicated way, at eye level and in a feel-good atmosphere. We provide space, equipment and know-how for this purpose. At the same time, we want to be a meeting place where like-minded people or people from different fields can meet, exchange, complement and learn from each other. We deliberately focus on digital and online formats. This is because they offer art and media professionals completely new opportunities in terms of technical possibilities, networking and accessibility.

At the same time, personal encounters on site should never be neglected. After all, we are still at the very beginning of this journey and would like to learn and grow through personal conversations and joint projects.

Who we are

wave      Dave     Olli     Tina     Sabrina

It's all in the mix. That describes our team pretty well. Be it professional background, musical taste or interests. What unites us, is the desire for creativity and innovation, for doing things ourselves and discovering new things. By chance this wild mixture found itself and waveDOTS was born. This project is the fuel for the various fires that burn within us; be it radio, building, photography, (electronic) music, the spoken or written word, producing media formats, IT, DJing and even project management. All this in combination is waveDOTS.

This is how it all started

When we moved into our space in Berlin Lichtenberg in mid-September, we started building...a lot. Where at that time there was a beautiful but still quite empty loft, there is now a podcast and control room, a streaming studio with mobile camera, a dj*ane desk, a counter at the coffee bar and two stages - all made by waveDOTS. This time has truly hammered, screwed and nailed us together. All the more we are looking forward to the time that lies ahead of us and to you!