Streaming Studio

In our project studio in Berlin Lichtenberg, we realize our own live streams for our channels as well as external productions. With our mobile streaming setup, we also come directly to you.

Our productions

We offer art creators from different fields to create innovative live streams together with us.

Our loft has two levels. Here DJ*anes can DJ; literary art, theater, performances and dance can take place, comedians or small music acts can perform. Our large free walls are perfect for staging photography and other visually designed arts. A combination of different art forms is also possible. There are no limits to your creativity. The result will be presented on our streaming channels.

If we have caught your interest, simply contact us via email and briefly present your idea. If we can realize your project, we will discuss everything else with you and work out a concept together. Then it can already start!

You can also come to us during our opening hours and get to know us first. Again, please write us an email beforehand about when you would like to come, and we will make an appointment.

Live stream productions

Live streams are excellent for promoting releases or events, for broadcasting meetings and conferences, or for presenting a project or company, for example.

You are planning a live stream for your channel and need equipment and a suitable location? We produce and/or design your digital presence with you.

With our basic streaming package you come to us half an hour before the stream is supposed to start. We prepare sound and image for you with one front camera and provide you with a laptop or PC with OBS set up. There is also the possibility to add a background visual via green screen and of course you can record the stream and take it with you as a video. During the stream you are on your own, but if you have any questions we are there for you. If you stream on only one channel, the price is 75 Euro per one hour of streaming. If you stream on up to four channels, the price is 90 Euro per hour of streaming.

Our all-inclusive feel-good package includes up to four camera settings including a moving camera as well as lighting effects and a fog machine. In the background you can use visuals via beamer. The entire stream is supervised by the director, and multi-stream is included. Here the price is 120 Euro per streaming hour.

There is also the possibility to design a stream according to your individual ideas. We will be happy to discuss this with you in a preliminary meeting. Afterwards you will receive a non-binding offer from us depending on the effort and the required material.

If you plan a live stream in your own location, we also come directly to you with our equipment and realize your stream on site.

Just send us a non-binding request by email with your ideas and we will discuss everything else with you. Basically, you can also simply come to us during our opening hours and get an idea of who we are. However, a prior appointment via email is required.

Location and equipment

Our location is a loft in industrial style. It can be streamed with up to four cameras on two levels. One camera is on rails and allows camera movements. We can also provide a complete DJ*ane set-up as well as various lighting effects, projector, greenwall and a fog machine.

We are still at the beginning of our journey and want to expand our set-up over time. We will be growing with you and your ideas!

Here you can find an overview of our equipment

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