We are definitely no ordinary rehearsal room. Because with us you practice in a spacious loft. That means you have a lot of space and a bit of the feeling of being in a club. There is always a person on site to help you with any questions. Of course, you'll be using professional club equipment.

  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus
  • 2 x Plattenspieler Technics SL-1210MK2
  • 1 x Allen & Heath xone:92 Mixer

    Usually you can bring up to five people and see how your set does. So we're the place to be if you want to rehearse your set before a gig and DJ back-to-back. Unfortunately, this option is not possible at the moment due to the current Corona situation.

    You are welcome to bring your own camera or recording device and record your set on location or stream yourself performing. If you want us to do this for you, you can simply book this option as well.

    With our basic streaming package you come to us half an hour before the stream is supposed to start. We prepare sound and image for you with one front camera and provide you with a laptop or PC with OBS set up. There is also the possibility to add a background visual via green screen and of course you can record the stream and take it with you as a video. During the stream you are on your own, but if you have any questions we are there for you.

    Our all-inclusive feel-good package includes up to four camera settings including a moving camera as well as lighting effects and a fog machine. In the background you can use visuals via beamer. The entire stream is supervised by the director, with multi-stream included.


  • Rent of rehearsal room: 25 Euro / per hour
  • Basisc streaming package: 75 Euro / streaming per hour (rent rate of 25 Euros already included)
  • All-inclusive feel-good package: 120 Euro /per hour (rent rate of 25 Euros already included)

    If you want to DJ with us, just write us an email with your date and package request and we will send you the offer. After receipt of payment we will block the date for you.

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