Podcast studio

Create high-quality podcasts or vidcasts with us, or get even more out of your project. Whether you're just starting out or already experienced, you decide how much support you need and what you need for your podcast. Even if you want to do everything yourself, there will of course always be a person on site to help you with any questions.

Feel-good atmosphere

We deliberately leave half an hour between bookings. So you can come a few minutes early and relax at our coffee bar or in our couch corner to sort your thoughts before it starts.

With us you have

  • an acoustically optimized room that can accommodate up to five people
  • a fully integrated podcast studio that lets you record up to four voices, record phone, Skype or Zoom conversations, or directly inject music, jingles, interviews, etc.
  • 4 high-quality microphones: Shure SM7B
  • 5 studio headphones (1x Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 4x AKG K240)
  • Air conditioning and ventilation that's so quiet you can leave it on even while recording
  • Offers and prices

    If you simply want to rent our podcast studio and don't need support, the price is 25 euros per hour. Up to four people can use the room and all the equipment.

    These options can be booked in addition

  • A one-time introduction: We introduce you to all the functions of the Rodecaster PRO, explain to you how to speak optimally into our microphones and level all voices together. For the introduction, we ask you to be there half an hour before the start of your booking, so that you can use your booked hour for your podcast completely and do not have to familiarize yourself with everything.
  • one time 25 Euro

  • We supervise the recording: We prepare the recording with you and stay by your side during the recording and take over the operation of the functions for you. So you can fully concentrate on your topic and your text.
  • Total price (incl. studio rent) 60 Euro per hour

  • Pre-production: We prepare your recording. You send us interviews, music, jingles, commercials, etc. in advance and we put it on the software so that you only have to play it.
  • one time 25 Euro

  • Vidcast : We manage your vidcast from our control room. Introduction and preparation are already included.

    Total price (incl. rent): 75 Euro per hour

  • We edit your podcast
  • 2 Euro per 1 minute raw material

    To book our offer, contact us via email or via the contact form. Please indicate your date and time and let us know which packages you would like to attend. You will receive a confirmation and after receipt of payment the booking process is completed. Then you can start.

    One more note

    So that you can take your finished podcast directly with you, it's best to bring a micro SD card (if necessary, a USB stick will also work). You can also record the podcast on your PC with the editing program of your choice. We will record your vidcast and send it to you digitally.

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